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Mary Lapos Quotes

Quotes by Mary Lapos - (7 quotes)

Mary Lapos - From the Artists category:

The real gift that artists are given is not the technical skills that are learned and honed, but those moments of clarity when we connect with something only we are allowed to see. (Mary Lapos)

Mary Lapos - From the Importance category:

It's important to stop and look inward to what we think is truly from ourselves and that which is culturally or socially influenced. (Mary Lapos)

Mary Lapos - From the Information category:

Doodling holds a lot of information. (Mary Lapos)

Mary Lapos - From the Patience category:

I'm patient – because forcing it causes a lot of bad work in the need or rush to get to the finished product. (Mary Lapos)

Mary Lapos - From the Seeing category:

The ability to truly see, to look at this earth as a painting waiting to be born through our fingers, is what separates us artists from the rest of humanity. (Mary Lapos)

Mary Lapos - From the Skill category:

Once your eye and hand are trained to the skills of your craft, then it becomes possible - like driving - to go on autopilot and leave the world behind. (Mary Lapos)

Mary Lapos - From the Uniqueness category:

What we do comes from a unique well... we are the filter for an experience that is unlike any other filter in the universe. (Mary Lapos)