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John Kurtz Quotes

Quotes by John Kurtz - (5 quotes)

John Kurtz - From the Artists category:

Artists paint not for their own enjoyment but to share their vision with others. (John Kurtz)

John Kurtz - From the Boredom category:

Artists never seem to get bored with life. (John Kurtz)

John Kurtz - From the Love category:

The love of art in its many forms lives on and enables us to enjoy the past, the present, and look with confidence to the future. (John Kurtz)

John Kurtz - From the Questions category:

How can you measure the contribution that artists make to society? (John Kurtz)

John Kurtz - From the Searching category:

Artists are always searching for beauty – and when they find it and fashion it in their own unique way – it does not seem too important to analyze how it came about. (John Kurtz)