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Don Getz Quotes

Quotes by Don Getz - (5 quotes)

Don Getz - From the Artists category:

Artists don't retire – they can't – otherwise they're not artists. (Don Getz)

Don Getz - From the Challenge category:

The challenge to me is to take a traditional subject and use what is there to create an even more fascinating image – my personal statement. (Don Getz)

Don Getz - From the Creativity category:

Creativity is not something you pluck off a shelf, it only becomes evident after years of practice, experimentation and effort. (Don Getz)

Don Getz - From the Drawing category:

Learning to draw, before you paint, is like learning to walk before you run. (Don Getz)

Don Getz - From the Satisfaction category:

The only person you have to please, with your art, is yourself. (Don Getz)