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Isak Dinesen Quotes

Quotes by Isak Dinesen - (5 quotes)

Isak Dinesen - From the Artists category:

Through all the world there goes one long cry from the heart of the artist: Give me leave to do my utmost. (Isak Dinesen)

Isak Dinesen - From the Health category:

The cure for anything is salt water... sweat, tears, or the sea. (Isak Dinesen)

Isak Dinesen - From the Humanity category:

What is man, when you come to think upon him, but a minutely set, ingenious machine for turning with infinite artfulness, the red wine of Shiraz into urine? (Isak Dinesen)

Isak Dinesen - From the Imagination category:

We invent the past and remember the future. (Isak Dinesen)

Isak Dinesen - From the Worry category:

These difficult times have helped me to realize how infinitely rich and beautiful life is. And that so many things one worries about are of no importance whatsoever. (Isak Dinesen)