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Donald Demers Quotes

Quotes by Donald Demers - (8 quotes)

Donald Demers - From the Artists category:

Artists must know what they are doing and how they are going to do it, while allowing room for spirit and intuition to influence the creative experience. (Donald Demers)

Donald Demers - From the Audience category:

The general audience is interested purely for the emotional response. They may not know why they respond, but they can put themselves into the place and imagery. (Donald Demers)

Donald Demers - From the Brother/Sisterhood category:

It's as though we have a higher agenda when we're all working on something together. It seems less selfish, and represents a more noble cause: that we're trying to present the beauty of the world in a similar spirit. (Donald Demers)

Donald Demers - From the Collectors category:

In my career I have two different audiences that sometimes overlap. People respond to either the sense of light or the amount of information, the detail. (Donald Demers)

Donald Demers - From the Focus category:

It is the power of intention that helps one focus and stay committed. (Donald Demers)

Donald Demers - From the Painting category:

Painting is a poignant balancing act between inner vision, virtuosity and mystery. (Donald Demers)

Donald Demers - From the Questions category:

I don't know why I paint, and I like it this way. (Donald Demers)

Donald Demers - From the Subject category:

If I am excited about a subject, it is because I can see it as a painting and not an object or scenery. I have already made an artistic translation in my mind. (Donald Demers)