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John Cerlienco Quotes

Quotes by John Cerlienco - (4 quotes)

John Cerlienco - From the Artists category:

As artists we all envisage new frontiers and challenges within our individual capabilities, as well as new visions as we travel through life. (John Cerlienco)

John Cerlienco - From the Future category:

I see the future as a kaleidoscope of innovation that will portray through my art a glimpse of my id and at its ultimate, capture a moment that will entice the viewer to stir in mind and soul and share a walk on the wild side with me! (John Cerlienco)

John Cerlienco - From the Realism category:

I cannot seem to break the gossamer veil that lies between realism and abstraction and I am forced to search for meaning between the two states of consciousness. (John Cerlienco)

John Cerlienco - From the Rules category:

Artists are not followers of convention and no rules or rationale applies in the pursuit of artistic fulfilment. (John Cerlienco)