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A. J. Casson Quotes

Quotes by A. J. Casson - (4 quotes)

A. J. Casson - From the Artists category:

An artist in Canada can teach, starve, or go commercial. (A. J. Casson)

A. J. Casson - From the Modernism category:

-on the Group of Seven...
How the acceptance to new trends in the visual arts has advanced since the days of the Group! (A. J. Casson)

A. J. Casson - From the Silence category:

It's like when you're out and it's been snowing. It's quieter than quiet. (A. J. Casson)

A. J. Casson - From the Style category:

I had to develop my own style. I began to dig out places of my own... I loved to paint villages, and I'm glad, because they're pretty much gone now. They've all changed, fallen down or been destroyed. (A. J. Casson)