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Frank Stella Quotes

Quotes by Frank Stella - (5 quotes)

Frank Stella - From the Abstraction category:

Abstract paintings must be as real as those created by the 16th century Italians. (Frank Stella)

Frank Stella - From the Imitation category:

One learns about painting by looking at and imitating other painters. (Frank Stella)

Frank Stella - From the Meaning category:

I always get into arguments with people who want to retain the old values in painting – the humanistic values that they... find on the canvas. If you pin them down, they always end up asserting that there is something there besides the paint on the canvas. My painting is based on the fact that only what can be seen there is there... What you see is what you get. (Frank Stella)

Frank Stella - From the Painting category:

When I'm painting the picture, I'm really painting a picture. I may have a flat-footed technique, or something like that, but still, to me, the thrill, or the meat of the thing, is the actual painting. I don't get any thrill out of laying it out. (Frank Stella)

Frank Stella - From the Seeing category:

What you see is what you see. (Frank Stella)