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George Buytendorp Quotes

Quotes by George Buytendorp - (4 quotes)

George Buytendorp - From the Artists category:

An artist is like a prophet. He must lead people and help them get acquainted with what he sees. (George Buytendorp)

George Buytendorp - From the Beauty category:

I do not bring beauty to people's lives; I, perhaps, draw their attention to beauty which is already there. (George Buytendorp)

George Buytendorp - From the Communication category:

You must tell people about nature and respect it so the people who look at your paintings know what to do with it. (George Buytendorp)

George Buytendorp - From the Nature category:

Nature, even though it is rugged, is not threatening. It's very hospitable and I can only stand in awe. (George Buytendorp)