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Theresa Bayer Quotes

Quotes by Theresa Bayer - (12 quotes)

Theresa Bayer - From the Artists category:

Being an artist is like being an Olympic athlete: years of sweat and dedication to build up skills, lots of sacrifice along the way, lots of obstacles to overcome. All that, and no gold, silver, or bronze medals. (Theresa Bayer)

Theresa Bayer - From the Attitude category:

I value a 'don't know' attitude highly, because it's ambiguous, and fosters a 'beginner's mind' in which there are more possibilities than an 'expert's mind.' (Theresa Bayer)

Theresa Bayer - From the Commerce category:

Do your art and forget about marketing it. You can always find somebody else to do the marketing, but you can't find somebody else to do the art. (Theresa Bayer)

Theresa Bayer - From the Creativity category:

There is no one definitive creative path. There are many ways to be creative – not only intuitive ways but organized, logical ways, too. (Theresa Bayer)

Theresa Bayer - From the Emotion category:

I don't bother with my negative emotions. I don't trust them; I don't listen to them. (Theresa Bayer)

Theresa Bayer - From the Meditation category:

Once I'm working I try to relax deeply into the work and make it into a meditation. (Theresa Bayer)

Theresa Bayer - From the Nudes category:

Something about the nude figure brings out the philosopher in me. Sometimes I'll add text as I'm drawing the figure at open studio... I find myself writing thoughts from a different perspective that never would have occurred to me alone at home. (Theresa Bayer)

Theresa Bayer - From the Photography category:

One way to help get 'beyond the photo' is to take a lot of photos of that one subject, on the same day, in the same light, to help you perceive all the nuances and expressions you'd see if you were painting from life. (Theresa Bayer)

Theresa Bayer - From the Politics category:

I don't think artists can avoid being political. Artists are the proverbial canaries in the coalmine. When we stop singing, it's a sure sign of repressive times ahead. (Theresa Bayer)

Theresa Bayer - From the Signatures category:

Once you're out of college, do what you want with your signature - whatever works for you. You don't have to do anything the way they taught it in art school. It's not that hard to hide the signature and blend it in with the painting... It's there if you look for it, but a juror probably wouldn't have time. (Theresa Bayer)

Theresa Bayer - From the Subject category:

The subject is a means to an end, the end being excellence in artistry. (Theresa Bayer)

Theresa Bayer - From the Technology category:

People like simple websites. The fewer clicks the better. Show a big beautiful image first thing. After all, you're an artist, and the first impression you want to make is...the art! (Theresa Bayer)