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Costa Vavagiakas Quotes

Quotes by Costa Vavagiakas - (3 quotes)

Costa Vavagiakas - From the Art category:

Art offers messages that can capture our emotions, revealing a pure moment of humanity that we share with the artist, transcending time and place. It can open the imagination. (Costa Vavagiakas)

Costa Vavagiakas - From the Drawing category:

Studies drawn from major works of sculpture offer a direct approach to understanding the power of expression and form. In addition to the technical value of the skills gained through this process, one is exposed to the choices made by the hand of the master. (Costa Vavagiakas)

Costa Vavagiakas - From the Greatness category:

- Artists Magazine posed this question: When it comes to draftsmanship, who is your favorite artist?...
Leonardo da Vinci for his inventiveness and creativity, Michelangelo for his ingenuity and imagination, and Raphael for his grace and ability to communicate. (Costa Vavagiakas)