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Cecilia Beaux Quotes

Quotes by Cecilia Beaux - (3 quotes)

Cecilia Beaux - From the Gender category:

- American society portraitist, in the manner of John Singer Sargent b.1855 d.1942...
There should be no sex in Art... I am pointing, I know, to a millennium, at least in the women's view, if I predict an hour when the term 'Women in Art' will be as strange sounding a topic as 'Men in Art' would be now. (Cecilia Beaux)

Cecilia Beaux - From the Lines category:

- from the lecture Portriature, 1907...
Line is line, space is space - wherever found. The consideration of them is necessary to every work of art, and no such work can exist without them. (Cecilia Beaux)

Cecilia Beaux - From the Technique category:

- from Address to the Comtemporary Club of Philadelphia shortly after Sargent's Death, 1926...
A perfect technique in anything only means that there has been no break in continuity between conception, or thought, and the act of performance. (Cecilia Beaux)