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Marie Bashkirtseff Quotes

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Marie Bashkirtseff - From the Gender category:

- Ukrainian-French diarist, painter, and sculptor b.1858 d.1884...
Do you think I benefit from what I see when, in order to go to the Louvre, I must wait for my carriage, my lady companion, or my family? This is one of the reasons why there have been no great women artists... But if we were raised in the same manner as men, this inequality which I deplore would disappear, and what remains would be inherent in nature itself. Oh well, no matter what I say, we must cry out and make ourselves ridiculous (I will leave this to others) to obtain this equality in a hundred years. As for me, I will stick it to society by showing them a woman who has become something, despite all the disadvantages it heaped on her. (Marie Bashkirtseff)