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Brett Weston Quotes

Quotes by Brett Weston - (5 quotes)

Brett Weston - From the Audience category:

I don't photograph for other people. I love an audience, mind you. Once I've got them there, then I love an audience. Not a big audience, though. I'd rather please ten people I respect than ten million I don't. But I don't play to an audience, I do it for myself. (Brett Weston)

Brett Weston - From the Language category:

My work is my language and I don't discuss it very easily. (Brett Weston)

Brett Weston - From the Photography category:

There's nothing worth photographing more than 100 yards from the car. (Brett Weston)

Brett Weston - From the Photography category:

The camera for an artist is just another tool. It is no more mechanical than a violin if you analyze it. Beyond the rudiments, it is up to the artist to create art, not the camera. (Brett Weston)

Brett Weston - From the Technology category:

People are under the illusion that it's easy...Technically, it is complex. You have a million options with equipment to distract you. I tell my students to simplify their equipment. (Brett Weston)