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Magda Sawon Quotes

Quotes by Magda Sawon - (3 quotes)

Magda Sawon - From the Artists category:

The health and vitality of art is exclusively dependent on the bottom of the food chain. It relies first and foremost on the artists, who reflect on the world and the time we live in, and secondarily, on institutions, organizations, and galleries that have the passion and foresight to support them. (Magda Sawon)

Magda Sawon - From the Collectors category:

True collectors are junkies in search of cultural value rather than a liquid asset. They will always look for new voices, not just the branded and easily consumable ones. (Magda Sawon)

Magda Sawon - From the Evolution category:

Sometimes, the system has to be destroyed in order to be liberated -- and to make room for evolution. (Magda Sawon)