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Bruce Onobrakpeya Quotes

Quotes by Bruce Onobrakpeya - (5 quotes)

Bruce Onobrakpeya - From the Artists category:

For one to call himself an artist, one has to take a leadership role. Not just merely producing art works, but producing art works which are backed by ideas and philosophies which are calculated to help upgrade and uplift the life of the people. (Bruce Onobrakpeya)

Bruce Onobrakpeya - From the Challenge category:

Every artist must have a Mount Everest which he plans to scale... (Bruce Onobrakpeya)

Bruce Onobrakpeya - From the Influence category:

Nigerian art is dynamic because it is the product of cross fertilization and influences from at home and outside. This inherent hybrid quality means that it can never be stagnant. (Bruce Onobrakpeya)

Bruce Onobrakpeya - From the Nature category:

The modern man propelled by the spirit of the jet and information age is too busy to observe little things in nature - the artist has a duty to draw attention to these details of nature, for very often the answers we often seek are in the details provided by nature, which are often overlooked. (Bruce Onobrakpeya)

Bruce Onobrakpeya - From the Time category:

The past, the present and the future are all part of the same continuum. As long as we take with us the best of our time-tested values, we have nothing to fear. (Bruce Onobrakpeya)