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Desmond Morris Quotes

Quotes by Desmond Morris - (7 quotes)

Desmond Morris - From the Drawing category:

- drawing experiment with chimpanzee Congo, 1957...
Something strange was coming out of the end of the pencil. It was Congo's first line. It wandered a short way and then stopped. Would it happen again? Yes, it did, and again and again. (Desmond Morris)

Desmond Morris - From the Experiments category:

- on exhibition of artwork by chimpanzee Congo...
It's now more than a scientific experiment. It has now become a bit of art history. (Desmond Morris)

Desmond Morris - From the Pets category:

Artists like cats; soldiers like dogs. (Desmond Morris)

Desmond Morris - From the Questions category:

We never stop investigating. We are never satisfied that we know enough to get by. Every question we answer leads on to another question. This has become the greatest survival trick of our species. (Desmond Morris)

Desmond Morris - From the Religion category:

A belief in the validity of the acquisition of knowledge and a scientific understanding of the world we live in, the creation and appreciation of aesthetic phenomena in all their many forms, and the broadening and deepening of our range of experiences in day-to-day living, is rapidly becoming the 'religion' of our time. (Desmond Morris)

Desmond Morris - From the Simplicity category:

I always work with one special rule in mind: simplification without distortion. (Desmond Morris)

Desmond Morris - From the Writing category:

I never write for my own amusement. I always try to put across an idea that I feel is important, in the most easily readable form I can manage. (Desmond Morris)