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Anni Albers Quotes

Quotes by Anni Albers - (8 quotes)

Anni Albers - From the Art category:

- oral history review, 1968..
And I find art is something that gives you something that you need for your life. Just as religion is something that you need even if you constantly find it denied today. (Anni Albers)

Anni Albers - From the Artists category:

- 1982 essay Material as Metaphor...
Most of our lives we live closed up in ourselves, with a longing not to be alone, to include others in that life that is invisible and intangible. To make it visible and tangible, we need light and material, any material. And any material can take on the burden of what had been brewing in our consciousness or subconsciousness, in our awareness or in our dreams. (Anni Albers)

Anni Albers - From the Creativity category:

Being creative is not so much the desire to do something as the listening to that which wants to be done: the dictation of the materials. (Anni Albers)

Anni Albers - From the Materials category:

Besides surface qualities, such as rough and smooth, dull and shiny, hard and soft, textiles also includes colour, and, as the dominating element, texture, which is the result of the construction of weaves. Like any craft it may end in producing useful objects, or it may rise to the level of art. (Anni Albers)

Anni Albers - From the Materials category:

To work with threads seemed sissy to me. I wanted something to be conquered. But circumstances held me to threads and they won me over. (Anni Albers)

Anni Albers - From the Motivation category:

A longing for excitement can be satisfied without external means within oneself. For creating is the most intense excitement one can come to know. (Anni Albers)

Anni Albers - From the Renewal category:

There was a need for doing something new but what it looked like nobody knew. (Anni Albers)

Anni Albers - From the Technique category:

Every technique brings up a different kind of demand on the use of the element. (Anni Albers)