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Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones Quotes

Quotes by Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones - (3 quotes)

Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones - From the Exhaustion category:

- interview, 1964...
I was invited many places out of the country. They'd take anything I sent. But I broke down because I was overtired, had done too much in too short a time. I think I was 15 when I entered the Academy. I left school to do it. (Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones)

Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones - From the Signatures category:

- interview, 1964...
Judge Joel Jones, my father's father... And his mother was a Miss Sparhawk, that's where I get that name... Yes, my father used it... Jones is not much of a name. It has no designation. Too many of them. If you need a name it makes you... (Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones)

Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones - From the Studio category:

- interview, 1964...
There's a great deal lost if one loses too much of the darks... Of course, in Paris I've been working in very high daylight and sunshine in a very large window. I put the canvas over the faucets of the bathtub and paint across the bathtub and they put in a narrow bathtub so I could bend over easily for me because in France they'll do all things to make their guests comfortable. (Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones)