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Jon Batiste Quotes

Quotes by Jon Batiste - (8 quotes)

Jon Batiste - From the Collaboration category:

In a live performance, it's a collaboration with the audience; you ride the ebb and flow of the crowd's energy. On television, you don't have that. (Jon Batiste)

Jon Batiste - From the Communication category:

With so many ways to communicate at our disposal, we must not forget the transformative power of a live music experience and genuine human exchange. (Jon Batiste)

Jon Batiste - From the Life category:

You can only be what you are. (Jon Batiste)

Jon Batiste - From the Music category:

- on Johann Sebastian Bach...
Question, answer and all of a sudden moving, just two melodies playing, a conversation, call and response, harmony and dissonance. That's life, that's our journey; exemplified in a single piece that he wrote for his kids. (Jon Batiste)

Jon Batiste - From the Music category:

Music is a tool that brings people together. (Jon Batiste)

Jon Batiste - From the Music category:

Whatever I do with music, I try to make it align deeply with the values and principles of who I am and what I believe the purpose of my life is. (Jon Batiste)

Jon Batiste - From the Performance category:

I'm always about trying to fill a need with what I do in my artistry. There is definitely a need in the performing arts world for a movement to come along that seriously connects with a next generation audience while still maintaining the timeless artistic objectives present throughout the history of the American music tradition. (Jon Batiste)

Jon Batiste - From the Profession category:

Imagine if you grew up in a place where your lineage was there for a hundred years, and part of the culture was to play music 50 percent of the time. You'd probably have a lot of musicians in your family too. (Jon Batiste)