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Noah Purifoy Quotes

Quotes by Noah Purifoy - (7 quotes)

Noah Purifoy - From the Art category:

Art as an escape from the world, that's wrong. But escape is what most people want. Art should be a confrontation with a 'me' that is always in need of improving. (Noah Purifoy)

Noah Purifoy - From the Artists category:

I do not wish to be an artist. I only wish that art enables me to be. (Noah Purifoy)

Noah Purifoy - From the Materials category:

Junk art, assemblage art... it's as close to human existence because it's all the castoffs we are utilizing here. I won't say that assemblage art is much like life itself, but it's closer to existence than any other art form. Because it's your shit that we're remodeling... and you got rid of it. (Noah Purifoy)

Noah Purifoy - From the Questions category:

...where we made our most serious error historically was that nobody chose to evaluate the creative process in terms of its applicability. Is it applicable to anything other than the making of art? That's the question I asked myself as I went on this long search. (Noah Purifoy)

Noah Purifoy - From the Seeing category:

When you do art, you see beyond the object. That effort of seeing beyond the object is also present in human relations. You see beyond the individual into what he/she thinks and feels... The relation is peculiar, meaning I don't thoroughly understand my relationship with the human being. But I do thoroughly understand the function of a radiator in a car. (Noah Purifoy)

Noah Purifoy - From the Understanding category:

Why do people go to the artist and want to know why he did something? They can't understand the work. Sometimes they get an answer, sometimes they don't... they want something they don't otherwise get from the work. (Noah Purifoy)

Noah Purifoy - From the Work category:

I hope my work provides inspiration for a person to do today what they couldn't do yesterday, no matter what it is. (Noah Purifoy)