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Maurice Utrillo Quotes

Quotes by Maurice Utrillo - (3 quotes)

Maurice Utrillo - From the Critics category:

The people here are idiots-idiots! There's not an hour I don't think of it. I'm shut out here and they won't let me go. I would rather be there than anywhere. (Maurice Utrillo)

Maurice Utrillo - From the Effort category:

As recognition for my efforts, I received harsh sarcasm. Still, I pressed onward. In the beginning I sold my canvases for two francs, and later, little by little, I entered into this difficult career as my life's work. (Maurice Utrillo)

Maurice Utrillo - From the Profession category:

On a particularly boring day, I had a clever but unfortunate inspiration. I seized a piece of cardboard, some tubes of tint and petroleum base - since I lacked real oil - and, confronting a typical Montmartre street corner, I suddenly found myself a practitioner of this difficult and thankless art of painting. (Maurice Utrillo)