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Georg Rausch Quotes

Quotes by Georg Rausch - (5 quotes)

Georg Rausch - From the Anticipation category:

Every morning I wake up and can't wait to get to my studio to see what I completed the day before. (Georg Rausch)

Georg Rausch - From the Inspiration category:

I don't wait for inspiration. I just begin and do it. If it's no good, I toss it and begin again. (Georg Rausch)

Georg Rausch - From the Profession category:

- The Jew with the Iron Cross, A Record of Survival in WWII Russia...
I have been an artist for 50 years, completing over 2000 oils, 1000 drawings, hundreds of watercolors and serigraphs as well as numerous sculptures. I'd have loved to write more, but there just wasn't enough time. (Georg Rausch)

Georg Rausch - From the Symbols category:

In many of my paintings a small portion of the horizon is visible. For me, this dividing line between land or water and the sky has always symbolized distance as well as the yearning to discover what lies beyond. (Georg Rausch)

Georg Rausch - From the Writing category:

- Article Source:
Since I have been a lifelong professional artist, I never considered myself a writer. But I did like to fantasize about certain scenarios or imaginary settings and stories. If I had had more time I would have loved to write a sequel to this book about post war Vienna. (Georg Rausch)