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Wyman Meinzer Quotes

Quotes by Wyman Meinzer - (5 quotes)

Wyman Meinzer - From the Freedom category:

I've been able to maintain this life of independence and freedom because it was instilled in me a long time ago. I think out of sheer hardheadedness and willingness to endure and maintain the lifestyle that I've known has kept me as kind of a free spirit. (Wyman Meinzer)

Wyman Meinzer - From the Nature category:

Whenever I go into the field and take a camera and I call a coyote in within 15 or 20 yards and I get a great image, I get that same elation [as hunting]. But yet he lives another day, and I love to hear him howl at night and he'll be one of them. (Wyman Meinzer)

Wyman Meinzer - From the Passion category:

I have a passion for the land, passion for the wildlife and passion for conservation and a passion for the wide open country. It's all entwined. (Wyman Meinzer)

Wyman Meinzer - From the Photography category:

I made up my mind: I'm gonna make myself be good enough to be published. They're gonna want my images some day. (Wyman Meinzer)

Wyman Meinzer - From the Success category:

I don't have no secrets, it's a work ethic. I work hard. (Wyman Meinzer)