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Amy Sherald Quotes

Quotes by Amy Sherald - (10 quotes)

Amy Sherald - From the Artists category:

You can look at a lot of works done by black artists and see that we are trying to reimagine ourselves and identity. (Amy Sherald)

Amy Sherald - From the Destiny category:

Art was not a thing for my family and is still not a thing for my family. My family will not go to a museum unless I say we have to go there. That's why I really feel like it was something I was supposed to do because there was no directive that pushed me in that direction. (Amy Sherald)

Amy Sherald - From the Imagination category:

I want people to be able to imagine life outside of the circumscribed stereotype... Imagination allows you to bend the rules of the temporal world. I just want them to see that a more beautiful world exists beyond the confines of your environment. (Amy Sherald)

Amy Sherald - From the Importance category:

Self-narration is something that we didn't, as black people, have the opportunity for. Filling up that cultural space for me has become really important. (Amy Sherald)

Amy Sherald - From the Mentors category:

Michelle Obama gave this country so much with her presence, just in being who she was. She gave a lot of us permission to be better and to want to do better. (Amy Sherald)

Amy Sherald - From the Money category:

It's always that you have time, but you don't have money; or you have money, and you don't have time. The time is needed to figure out a way to make a living when you're trying to find your way into the realm of recognition. For me, it meant working smart and not hard... It's whether you're comfortable taking risks and whether you're comfortable not knowing what's going to happen the next day. (Amy Sherald)

Amy Sherald - From the Painting category:

I'm a painter and I enjoy painting. I enjoy mixing colors. It's really about the frivolity of the act of painting and then you end up with this really serious product that starts to create its own narrative. Then, people begin to have the discourse around it and the meaning of the work. It's magical and fun. If it was that serious all the time, it wouldn't be interesting because it would feel like homework. (Amy Sherald)

Amy Sherald - From the Portraiture category:

I told her that I wanted to paint her in my greyscale... so that when people walk into this space of things that look continuously the same, and then all of a sudden there's a break in that. And there was a break in history, as well - when they were in office - when he was in office. (Amy Sherald)

Amy Sherald - From the Portraiture category:

There's not enough images of us. (Amy Sherald)

Amy Sherald - From the Success category:

I don't think my successes would've come to me as easily, had I not committed to making the work in such a way that made me uncomfortable. (Amy Sherald)