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Barry Green Quotes

Quotes by Barry Green - (6 quotes)

Barry Green - From the Advice category:

To master the inner game, all you need to do is learn the difference between inner games and outer games and learn when to look away and to connect with the music. It's going on all the time, it's right there, keep it simple, do one thing at a time and don't forget to have fun. (Barry Green)

Barry Green - From the Fun category:

If you have fun when you practice, you may also learn more and perform better. (Barry Green)

Barry Green - From the Memory category:

Most of us have very clear memories of the self-critical internal conversation running on in our heads while we were playing poorly, and yet it often seems that we hardly remember noticing it at all while we were playing well. (Barry Green)

Barry Green - From the Music category:

If you learn a piece mechanically, you may have to 'unlearn' it before you can play it with expression and feeling. (Barry Green)

Barry Green - From the Performance category:

Whenever you are playing or singing music, and you notice you're in a trying state, stop trying, and focus your awareness on a single element of your movement at a time. Observe your body, and watch it subtly shift to a more relaxed and accurate kind of performance. (Barry Green)

Barry Green - From the Practice category:

An amateur practices something until he gets it right. A professional practices until he can't get it wrong. (Barry Green)