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Caroll Spinney Quotes

Quotes by Caroll Spinney - (7 quotes)

Caroll Spinney - From the Aging category:

I've played Big Bird for over half my life, and now I'm in my 80s. It does feel older than 79. Someone said it's just a number, and I said, 'No, I genuinely feel older.' (Caroll Spinney)

Caroll Spinney - From the Boredom category:

I found out animation is incredibly boring. You draw and draw and draw, and it's only a few seconds done in a week. (Caroll Spinney)

Caroll Spinney - From the Children category:

Big Bird went through his very human kind of struggles as a child. No other children's character has been that complete and detailed. (Caroll Spinney)

Caroll Spinney - From the Colour category:

Show your true colors. Mine is yellow. [Big Bird] (Caroll Spinney)

Caroll Spinney - From the Emotion category:

I know I don't own Big Bird, but I own his soul, I feel. (Caroll Spinney)

Caroll Spinney - From the Opposites category:

Oscar is the exact opposite of how I think you should behave. I just think of it as a negative view of the positive mind I have. Big Bird is sweet and nice and also sympathetic, as kids can identify with him even though he looks like such a bizarre character - great 8 feet 2 inches, a beak 18 inches long. (Caroll Spinney)

Caroll Spinney - From the Profession category:

I see no reason to quit. I can't imagine walking away from being Big Bird. I mean, that's an awfully good job that there's not too many of them. So I just want to keep doing it till I can't do it anymore. (Caroll Spinney)