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Fritz Scholder Quotes

Quotes by Fritz Scholder - (5 quotes)

Fritz Scholder - From the Colour category:

I consider myself a colorist. One color by itself isn't that interesting - it's the second color and a third color, and a dialogue starts and pretty soon you're swept up in it. You really don't know what's going to happen next. (Fritz Scholder)

Fritz Scholder - From the Immortality category:

You must walk that tightrope between accident and discipline. Accident by itself... so what? Discipline by itself is boring. By walking that tightrope and putting down something on a canvas coming from your guts, you have a chance of making marks that will live longer than you. (Fritz Scholder)

Fritz Scholder - From the Painting category:

And so I literally almost go into a trance. The music is going loud. The paint is juicy, the brushes are flexible, the canvas moves when you touch it. And the color is luscious, the paint is buttery. It's a sensual thing - especially a big canvas that's a little larger than you in all ways - and you just throw yourself into it. (Fritz Scholder)

Fritz Scholder - From the Spontaneity category:

For me, a painting should be spontaneous. It should have the elements of the material you're working with, which is paint. Paint drips, it splashes. (Fritz Scholder)

Fritz Scholder - From the Subject category:

I was the first one to do Indians holding an umbrella... And I think that art is the vehicle for putting forth and fighting cliches, which we all fall into. (Fritz Scholder)