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Jorge Manes Rubio Quotes

Quotes by Jorge Manes Rubio - (3 quotes)

Jorge Manes Rubio - From the Journey category:

When people stop discerning the boundaries between what's possible and what's not, that's when the journey begins. (Jorge Manes Rubio)

Jorge Manes Rubio - From the Photography category:

Photography is gradually becoming more and more important in my work, but I feel it could never be the end of it. To me is more of a tool that helps me giving the audience a certain context about where this journey is taking them. It is all about what's underneath those images, and my mission as an artist is to encourage you to discover it. (Jorge Manes Rubio)

Jorge Manes Rubio - From the Unknowns category:

I envision my work as a journey through a place you have never been before, even if at first sight it might look or feel familiar. I strongly believe that by reimagining the unseen or forgotten around us, we can build alternative worlds, and in this utopian process we will become more aware, more human. (Jorge Manes Rubio)