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Samuel Palmer Quotes

Quotes by Samuel Palmer - (5 quotes)

Samuel Palmer - From the Art category:

A picture has been said to be something between a thing and a thought. (Samuel Palmer)

Samuel Palmer - From the Mediums category:

It seems to me the charm of etching is the glimmering through of the white paper even in the shadows so that almost everything sparkles or suggest sparkles. (Samuel Palmer)

Samuel Palmer - From the Memory category:

When less than four years old I was standing with my nurse, Mary Ward, watching the shadows on the wall from branches of an elm behind which the moon had risen. I have never forgot those shadows and am often trying to paint them. (Samuel Palmer)

Samuel Palmer - From the Planning category:

I hope to begin a new plan... not sitting down to local matter but walking and watching. (Samuel Palmer)

Samuel Palmer - From the Poetry category:

Rural poetry is the pleasure ground of those who live in cities. (Samuel Palmer)