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Robert Lenkiewicz Quotes

Quotes by Robert Lenkiewicz - (4 quotes)

Robert Lenkiewicz - From the Artists category:

I don't think painters are very useful people. Out of the whole art gang - writers, composers, musicians, architects - painters are the dullest of the lot: very poor company. (Robert Lenkiewicz)

Robert Lenkiewicz - From the Critics category:

The truth is that I am very, very keen on the opinion of the man in the street. (Robert Lenkiewicz)

Robert Lenkiewicz - From the Exhibitions category:

They get staged on a huge scale in a provincial fashion and disappear unnoticed. There's not an intelligent attitude to them. It's just: Oh, he's sex-mad and paints women all the time. And that's about it. (Robert Lenkiewicz)

Robert Lenkiewicz - From the Portraiture category:

To paint oneself is to paint a portrait of someone who is going to die. And the same applies if one paints anybody else. (Robert Lenkiewicz)