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Matthew B. Crawford Quotes

Quotes by Matthew B. Crawford - (8 quotes)

Matthew B. Crawford - From the Depression category:

-Shop Class as Soulcraft...
The question that hovers over your character is no longer that of how good you are, but of how capable you are, where capacity is measured in something like kilowatt hours - the raw capacity to make things happen. With this shift comes a new pathology. The affliction of guilt has given way to weariness - weariness with the vague and unending project of having to become one's fullest self. We call this depression. (Matthew B. Crawford)

Matthew B. Crawford - From the Education category:

When the point of education becomes the production of credentials rather than the cultivation of knowledge, it forfeits the motive recognized by Aristotle: 'All human beings by nature desire to know.' (Matthew B. Crawford)

Matthew B. Crawford - From the Excellence category:

The lover of excellence is prone to being drawn out of himself, erotically almost, in a way that the universalist egalitarian is not. (Matthew B. Crawford)

Matthew B. Crawford - From the Expression category:

The musician's power of expression is founded upon a prior obedience. (Matthew B. Crawford)

Matthew B. Crawford - From the Magic category:

The appeal of magic is that it promises to render objects plastic to the will without one's getting too entangled with them. (Matthew B. Crawford)

Matthew B. Crawford - From the Materials category:

-Shop Class as Soulcraft...
For humans, tools point to the necessity of moral inquiry. Because nature makes only ambiguous prescriptions for us, we are compelled to ask, what is good? If you give a young boy a hammer for the first time and watch his face, you will see an awareness of this burden dawning on him (as he turns to the cat, for example). (Matthew B. Crawford)

Matthew B. Crawford - From the Technology category:

What ordinary people once made, they now buy; and what they once fixed for themselves, they now replace entirely or hire an expert to repair, whose expert fix often involves replacing an entire system because some minute component has failed. (Matthew B. Crawford)

Matthew B. Crawford - From the Tradition category:

- The World Beyond Your Head...
The point isn't to replicate the conclusions of tradition... but rather to enter into the same problems as the ancients and make them one's own. That is how a tradition remains alive. (Matthew B. Crawford)