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Bonnie Mincu Quotes

Quotes by Bonnie Mincu - (5 quotes)

Bonnie Mincu - From the Concentration category:

Pay attention to what you pay attention to. (Bonnie Mincu)

Bonnie Mincu - From the Confidence category:

Behave as if you will succeed, and you'll create the energy to do so. Confidence attracts; doubt repels. (Bonnie Mincu)

Bonnie Mincu - From the Health category:

While some aspects of Attention Deficit Disorder work in the artist's favor, other aspects can create challenges to achieving work and life success. (Bonnie Mincu)

Bonnie Mincu - From the Information category:

Do you suffer from 'information overload?' Do you forget what people tell you? Do you need to write things down to remember them? (Bonnie Mincu)

Bonnie Mincu - From the Interest category:

If you find that you begin many projects without completing them, perhaps it is the 'beginnings' that interest you most. Sustain your interest by constantly having a work in a beginning stage. Spend your day alternating between starting a new painting and working on an existing one. (Bonnie Mincu)