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Margaret Keane Quotes

Quotes by Margaret Keane - (5 quotes)

Margaret Keane - From the Deception category:

For many years I had allowed my second husband to take credit for my paintings. But one day, unable to continue the deception any longer, I left him and my home in California and moved to Hawaii. (Margaret Keane)

Margaret Keane - From the Painting category:

- on rejection of her painting for World's Fair, 1964...
I felt hurt that they didn't want it and were saying nasty things. When people said it was just sentimental stuff it really hurt my feelings. I don't care. I'm just going to paint what I want to paint. (Margaret Keane)

Margaret Keane - From the Signatures category:

I'm able to sign my name to the paintings. That is really a blessing. (Margaret Keane)

Margaret Keane - From the Solitude category:

I'd rather be home alone, painting. (Margaret Keane)

Margaret Keane - From the Winning category:

- on court-awarded $4 million in damages for husband's deception...
I never saw a cent of it, but I won. (Margaret Keane)