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Rex Sorgatz Quotes

Quotes by Rex Sorgatz - (5 quotes)

Rex Sorgatz - From the Copying category:

Living in an age of digital reproduction - where single keystrokes of Copy and Paste can replicate an entire movie, database, or library - has forced us into a state of uncertainty about the status of an object. To compensate, we have developed an entire vocabulary to define different types of reproductions: copies, clones, replicas, forgeries. (Rex Sorgatz)

Rex Sorgatz - From the Painting category:

Painting is an awkwardly intimate art form, quite different from the mechanical printing press or an MP3 anonymously shared across networks. A painting has within it the traces of its own production, the labor in a brushstroke. The hand of the creator is visible in the work itself. (Rex Sorgatz)

Rex Sorgatz - From the Photography category:

Consider all the automated devices taking pictures now: Drones, webcams, Google Glasses, CCTV, hidden cams, hot mics, and Google street cars - these have become the predominant image makers of our time. The camera has killed the photographer. And it's going to get away with it. (Rex Sorgatz)

Rex Sorgatz - From the Photography category:

Photography was once an act of intent, the pushing of a button to record a moment. But photography is becoming an accident, the curatorial attention given to captured images. (Rex Sorgatz)

Rex Sorgatz - From the Technology category:

The internet - this funny kid who thinks instability is a feature - has been trying to spark a conversation with television since it could talk. For a long time, the television couldn't hear the kid's caterwauling, and later, it pretended it didn't understand. But now, finally, it is being forced to listen. (Rex Sorgatz)