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Eli Pariser Quotes

Quotes by Eli Pariser - (3 quotes)

Eli Pariser - From the Danger category:

It feels great to have your own views reflected back to you, and you feel so right, but actually it's very dangerous. Because to make good decisions, you need to have a clear view of what all the options are. (Eli Pariser)

Eli Pariser - From the Interest category:

Rather than saying people aren't interested when things don't take off, you should take it on yourself to say, 'I'm not doing a great job of telling the story in a way that makes it interesting.' (Eli Pariser)

Eli Pariser - From the Mirrors category:

More and more, your computer monitor is a kind of one-way mirror, reflecting your own interests while algorithmic observers watch what you click... (Eli Pariser)