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Gavin Calf Quotes

Quotes by Gavin Calf - (4 quotes)

Gavin Calf - From the Art category:

Art, in all its forms, is the true history of the world. (Gavin Calf)

Gavin Calf - From the Artists category:

Art entered my conscious life when I viewed bright red and yellow plastic mugs at the age of four. (Gavin Calf)

Gavin Calf - From the Culture category:

Art is the root culture of any nation that invests faithfully in education. Without art in all its forms, a nation is barbaric. (Gavin Calf)

Gavin Calf - From the Language category:

Art is the universal language of the heart. Anybody can learn to understand it if they take the time. (Gavin Calf)