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Burne Hogarth Quotes

Quotes by Burne Hogarth - (3 quotes)

Burne Hogarth - From the Drawing category:

My father would sit and design furniture and cabinets - he was a carpenter and cabinet maker - and I would ask for my own piece of paper and pencil. And when I would say, 'What should I draw?' he would push a cartoon under my nose and say, 'Here, draw this.' So the cartoon became a kind of focus of attention. (Burne Hogarth)

Burne Hogarth - From the Form category:

- Dynamic Anatomy, 1958
There are three kinds of forms in the human figure: Ovoid forms - egg, ball and barrel masses; Column forms - cylinder, cone; Spatulate forms - box, slab and wedge blocks. (Burne Hogarth)

Burne Hogarth - From the Profession category:

I've sold shoes, hawked newspapers, jerked sodas, gazed rapturously at the tinsel dream at the end of a runway from my usher's aisle in a burley-cue, drove a truck - then because I didn't like being pushed around, started pushing a pencil around. (Burne Hogarth)