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Christopher Nolan Quotes

Quotes by Christopher Nolan - (6 quotes)

Christopher Nolan - From the Audience category:

I like films that continue to spin your head in all sorts of different directions after you've seen them. (Christopher Nolan)

Christopher Nolan - From the Collaboration category:

It's always a fun collaboration with my brother. I'm very fortunate to be able to work with him. There's an honesty to collaboration. There's a lack of a gender or ego in our conversations. And so you can really throw anything around. (Christopher Nolan)

Christopher Nolan - From the Complexity category:

If you picture the story as a maze, you don't want to be hanging above the maze, watching the characters make the wrong choices because it's frustrating. You actually want to be in the maze with them, making the turns at their side... I quite like to be in that maze. (Christopher Nolan)

Christopher Nolan - From the Originality category:

I've done really well so far in my career by trusting the audience to be as dissatisfied with convention as I am, as a film-goer. You want to go see a film that surprises you in some way. (Christopher Nolan)

Christopher Nolan - From the Performance category:

Sometime, when you start thinking too much what an audience is going to think, when you're too self-conscious about it, you make mistakes. (Christopher Nolan)

Christopher Nolan - From the Worry category:

There are points where you worry that you might be putting too much in and alienating the audience. But, funnily enough, some of those fears aren't correct. (Christopher Nolan)