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Charlie Isoe Quotes

Quotes by Charlie Isoe - (4 quotes)

Charlie Isoe - From the Anxiety category:

We exist in the nervous bowels of late capitalism, where the disparate worlds of decadence and desperate necessity meet - the 'liminal' spaces - those of consumption and addiction. (Charlie Isoe)

Charlie Isoe - From the Humanity category:

I see the animalistic side of human nature, and it gives scope to the contemporary human condition. We are tourists in our own lives. We often miss the bits that are real. (Charlie Isoe)

Charlie Isoe - From the Mistakes category:

I shot a tractor by mistake. A tractor is quite big. I don't really shoot animals these days. I don't like to, and I don't need to. (Charlie Isoe)

Charlie Isoe - From the Observation category:

In this age of disposable, plastic consumerism, I observe the late nights, the addiction, and the perverse. I am not a passive observer, but rather a reflexive participant. (Charlie Isoe)