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Lyle Carbajal Quotes

Quotes by Lyle Carbajal - (5 quotes)

Lyle Carbajal - From the Accidents category:

There's nothing quite as beautiful as the unintentional. (Lyle Carbajal)

Lyle Carbajal - From the Advice category:

The biggest piece of advice I would give someone just starting out is to study business and the business of art as closely as possible. (Lyle Carbajal)

Lyle Carbajal - From the Colour category:

Color has always been easy. There are times when I don't even look at what I'm reaching for until it is on the picture. (Lyle Carbajal)

Lyle Carbajal - From the Journey category:

I am always trying to get back to where it all came from. (Lyle Carbajal)

Lyle Carbajal - From the Lines category:

Line... is the most important part of any painting. (Lyle Carbajal)