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Tim Jenison Quotes

Quotes by Tim Jenison - (5 quotes)

Tim Jenison - From the Future category:

I'm really optimistic about the future of mankind because that power [of communication] is no longer concentrated. We've taken that power and given it to everybody. (Tim Jenison)

Tim Jenison - From the Movement category:

The moving image is the most powerful medium of communication. At some conscious or unconscious level, people simply believe their eyes. (Tim Jenison)

Tim Jenison - From the Obsession category:

I don't have a current obsession. I'm between obsessions. (Tim Jenison)

Tim Jenison - From the Rules category:

There are no rules to break in art. (Tim Jenison)

Tim Jenison - From the Technology category:

-Tim's Vermeer, the movie...
We make the point in the film, maybe not explicitly enough, that what we call art and technology are basically two sides of the same coin, which is creative activity. (Tim Jenison)