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Leonard Shlain Quotes

Quotes by Leonard Shlain - (6 quotes)

Leonard Shlain - From the Culture category:

When you read a book, you generate beta waves irrespective of the book's content. But if you look up from it, and start watching TV - it doesn't matter what the content of the program is - the beta waves disappear and you start processing alpha and theta waves. These are the same waves that you generate during meditation. Reading is primarily left hemisphere and watching television is primarily right hemisphere. Now how could that not have a major effect on our culture? (Leonard Shlain)

Leonard Shlain - From the Evolution category:

Language was such a profoundly new evolutionary innovation that our brains had to be completely redesigned in order to handle it. (Leonard Shlain)

Leonard Shlain - From the Gender category:

We're witnessing the end of a 5,000 year reign of patriarchy, and are coming into a society created by our technology that will be more balanced and more feminine. It's already happening. And I think that the good news is that it's coming just in time. (Leonard Shlain)

Leonard Shlain - From the Information category:

Images are so prevalent that we get most of our information from them. We receive multiple layers of meaning within a very short compact picture, and that is what the right brain does best. Indeed, as our culture becomes more image-based, we're balancing our hemispheres. Through this new re-wiring, we're becoming a much gentler and kinder society. (Leonard Shlain)

Leonard Shlain - From the Language category:

I suggest that a culture adopting an alphabet would denigrate right hemispheric values because the alphabet is a left hemispheric mode of reception. And this right hemispheric denigration would manifest in two principal ways: Women's rights would be taken away, and images would be declared abominations. (Leonard Shlain)

Leonard Shlain - From the Religion category:

The first book ever written in an alphabet was the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament. And the most important passage was the Ten Commandments. The first commandment is the most revolutionary sentence ever written. It states: "I am the Lord thy God there is no other." The second prohibits us from making images. Thus, there is a profound rejection of any goddess influence and a ban of representative art. (Leonard Shlain)