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Jack B. Yeats Quotes

Quotes by Jack B. Yeats - (4 quotes)

Jack B. Yeats - From the Art category:

-interview with Eamonn Andrews...
I dislike the word art as to painting. There is only one art and that is the art of living. Painting is an occupation that's in that art, and that occupation is the freest of all the occupations of living. (Jack B. Yeats)

Jack B. Yeats - From the Modernism category:

- b.1871 d.1957...
Most painting now is suffering from inbreeding; but there are signs that some of the painter boys are realizing that life is still here tumbling about. (Jack B. Yeats)

Jack B. Yeats - From the Painting category:

-on paintings...
There is no alphabet, no grammar. No rules whatever. Many hopeful sportsmen have tried to invent rules and have always failed. Any person or group of persons who try to live life with rules do a disservice to this occupation of living. They forget that painting is tactics and not strategy. It is carried out in the face of the enemy. (Jack B. Yeats)

Jack B. Yeats - From the Suffering category:

Personality is born out of pain. It is the fire shut up in the flint. (Jack B. Yeats)