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Stephen Colbert Quotes

Quotes by Stephen Colbert - (8 quotes)

Stephen Colbert - From the Choices category:

Cynics always say no. But saying YES! begins things! YES! is how things grow.... YES! leads to knowledge. YES! is for young people. For as long as you are able... say YES! (Stephen Colbert)

Stephen Colbert - From the Danger category:

Washington is dangerously positioned between two Canadas, Canada Canada and California's Canada, Oregon. (Stephen Colbert)

Stephen Colbert - From the Mirrors category:

Love means never having to say you're sorry. That's why I never apologize to my mirror. (Stephen Colbert)

Stephen Colbert - From the Pets category:

And of course I don't go anywhere without my pet goldfish, Anthrax. I always tell security I'm carrying Anthrax. Yeah, sure I get a lot of guff about it, but it's a family name; I'm not changing it. (Stephen Colbert)

Stephen Colbert - From the Procrastination category:

Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. I meant to tell you that yesterday, but... (Stephen Colbert)

Stephen Colbert - From the Religion category:

I know that the pope's infallible, but that doesn't mean he can't make mistakes. (Stephen Colbert)

Stephen Colbert - From the Words category:

I've said it before: equations are the devil's sentences. The worst one is that quadratic equation, an infernal salad of numbers, letters, and symbols. (Stephen Colbert)

Stephen Colbert - From the Work category:

-The Colbert Report...
Never let them see you sweat. Especially in HD, 'cause it looks like a mudslide. (Stephen Colbert)