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Andrew Graham-Dixon Quotes

Quotes by Andrew Graham-Dixon - (5 quotes)

Andrew Graham-Dixon - From the Edges category:

The edge of a painting is its frontier... where the artist negotiates his boundaries with the real world... where art begins and ends and where the eye enters and leaves the image. It determines, in an infinitely subtle number of ways, how you read a painting - which, unlike a book or a piece of music, has no pre-determined beginning or end. (Andrew Graham-Dixon)

Andrew Graham-Dixon - From the Fire category:

-on J.M.W. Turner...
He genuinely tried to create pictures that looked like other artists' pictures, but he always ended up filling them with his own fireworks... through his failure to mimic those whom he admired... he ended up realising his own genius and his own destiny. (Andrew Graham-Dixon)

Andrew Graham-Dixon - From the Mirrors category:

-on Pierre Bonnard...
Many of Bonnard's later paintings are shot through with a powerful sense of morbidity. The self-portraits he painted after catching sight of himself in the various mirrors in the house - the mirror in the bathroom or the mirror in his bedroom, still lit from above by a single accusatory light bulb - are almost appallingly raw. (Andrew Graham-Dixon)

Andrew Graham-Dixon - From the Modernism category:

The edge in modern painting is charged with neurosis; it meets a world that no longer confirms it but which is hostile or at best indifferent. (Andrew Graham-Dixon)

Andrew Graham-Dixon - From the Painting category:

At its edges, a painting makes its surrender to reality. The ways in which it can do so are endlessly revealing, as infinite as the potential forms of painting itself. (Andrew Graham-Dixon)