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John W. Hilton Quotes

Quotes by John W. Hilton - (3 quotes)

John W. Hilton - From the Communication category:

-quoting his father who said of one of John's paintings...
'Son, that is a sermon in paint.' (John W. Hilton)

John W. Hilton - From the Nature category:

-The Desert Magazine: Beach Combing on the Desert...
The modern beach comber on the desert will find a greater variety of agate, jasper and other precious stones than can be obtained along the shoreline of any existing ocean. Without even the risk of wetting his feet, the visitor may find shells, coral and plant forms imprinted in stone millions of years old. (John W. Hilton)

John W. Hilton - From the Travel category:

-South to El Arco...
When I finally reached the valley of San Borja, it came as a shock... As I came to the crest where I could look down into the valley... It was as if I had suddenly come upon one of my youthful dreams of a hidden valley described in a Zane Grey novel. (John W. Hilton)