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Grayson Perry Quotes

Quotes by Grayson Perry - (5 quotes)

Grayson Perry - From the Gender category:

I just love dressing up in everything a man is supposed not to be, in all that vulnerability, sweetness, preciousness and impracticality. (Grayson Perry)

Grayson Perry - From the Humour category:

I can't resist having a joke. Artists I like, such as Breughel, put jokes in their work. I think it's part of reflecting human life. (Grayson Perry)

Grayson Perry - From the Mistakes category:

Creativity is mistakes. (Grayson Perry)

Grayson Perry - From the Style category:

Artists should imprint their handwriting on the work, because if they give a piece to a fabrication studio, the craftsmen there may actually be too perfect; you don't see the quirks that the artist would have developed. (Grayson Perry)

Grayson Perry - From the Worth category:

I like the idea of my art being a covetable object; I like preciousness. A lot of art seems to flaunt its throw-away character... But you have to sail out into the dangerous sea of fine art with these crafted works. (Grayson Perry)