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Joseph Todorovitch Quotes

Quotes by Joseph Todorovitch - (4 quotes)

Joseph Todorovitch - From the Complementaries category:

The complementary balance of resolve and looseness support each other so well. (Joseph Todorovitch)

Joseph Todorovitch - From the Contemporary Art category:

I'm a contemporary painter who looks to the past for clues about the future of painting. By understanding fundamental principals of picture making, we can develop paintings that are harmonious and innovative. (Joseph Todorovitch)

Joseph Todorovitch - From the Gradation category:

I try to resolve in a way that supports the way our eye sees. I look at you, I focus. Everything else is there but suggestive to the main event when it's gradual. It gradates from that main area of concern. (Joseph Todorovitch)

Joseph Todorovitch - From the Painting category:

Although painting is always challenging, paintings should evolve from a natural place within, with ease. (Joseph Todorovitch)