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Bozidar Brazda Quotes

Quotes by Bozidar Brazda - (4 quotes)

Bozidar Brazda - From the Beauty category:

Art that's devoid of concept is usually beautiful. That's its problem. Conceptual art is usually problematic. That's the beauty of it. (Bozidar Brazda)

Bozidar Brazda - From the Fashion category:

Ignoring trends is futile. Futility is the underlying impetus of art making. (Bozidar Brazda)

Bozidar Brazda - From the Questions category:

My favorite material to work with is a question. Take a question and chip away at it until it looks like a statement. (Bozidar Brazda)

Bozidar Brazda - From the Tyranny category:

Be suspicious of the art that you make - its ultimate goal is to replace you. (Bozidar Brazda)